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Auricular therapy

 Auricular Therapy Massage

Auricular Therapy, popularly known as ear acupuncture massage, is believed by many to detoxify and balance the entire body system. It is known to provide assistance with weight loss, tobacco, drug and alcohol detoxification; it also provides complete relaxation. This session is combined with massage and / or craniosacral therapy.

Auricular Therapy Massage Prices
  • 1 hour - $85.00
  • 90 minutes - $110.00
  • 2 hours - $135.00

Relaxing Ear Candling Sessions

Ear candling is an ancient technique that many believe helps loosen congestion in the head and sinuses by removing toxins from the ears. This safe and effective technique involves using high-quality, hollow bees wax and muslin cloth ear candles in a gentle, vacuum-like manner. If time permits clients can expect a soothing neck and shoulder massage. 

Ear Candling Prices
  • 30 minutes - $40.00
Auricular therapy

Sinus Relief Massage

A sinus relief massage incorporates a 100% essential oil blend made by Marjene's Creations, reflexology, ear candling and soothing cupping along the neck, face and shoulders. A client may also have a cool cloth places upon their face with a blend of water, Epsom salt and baking soda if they desire. All of these techniques combined are believed to help ease sinus pressure and boost the immune system.

1 hour - $75
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Auricular therapy
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