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Customer Testimonials

Check out some of the reviews our amazing clients have posted to Facebook and MassageBook and see the difference we have made in their lives. Visit us today and experience our healing touch!
Cheri Ames reviews:

I liked the stretching incorporated into the massage.
- Amanda C.

Cheri's experience in her field is evident. I feel so much better after I see her....
- Anonymous

Cheri is very skilled at what she does and listens to your likes and dislikes.
- Penny W.

Cheri Ames worked with me regarding a chronic issue with both arms. I suffer pain, numbness and tingling. She identified many areas of my body, not just my arms, that may relate to my problems. She worked with deep tissue techniques at my comfort level to try to combat my issues. After her treatment I had no symptoms whatsoever for over a week! I have tried other massage therapists that lacked the knowledge of the overall body and techniques and that barely made a difference. I was very pleased that after one visit I felt so much better with Cheri! I will see her again and recommend her to others! 
- Anonymous

Ileta Sullins reviews:

Ileta is amazing. Her hands tell a story and she finds your needs. Give her a try. You won't be disappointed. 
- TL

Ileta is fantastic. She has the gift of knowing exactly where to touch, how soft or hard to touch and for how long. I have had many massages with her and have always walked away feeling 100% better than when I walked in to see her. I would highly recommend Ileta to anyone looking for a massage, and even if you aren't looking, you will feel much better after seeing Ileta. 
- JM

Ileta is by far the most talented massage therapist I have worked with in 20 years. She finds each knot and works it out in a way that heals. I can move my shoulders without pain and have had fewer headaches since seeing her. She has the touch that I am sure every massage therapist wishes they had! 
- MW

Totally amazing massage!! The best ever! You will be glad to have met Ileta. She knows what she is doing. Very pleased with the satisfaction of how I felt when I left! I would recommend her to anyone! 
- DL 

Hands down the most talented massage therapist I have experienced in 25 years of getting massages. I travel an hour to get to Ileta, and she is worth every mile. 
- JB

Ileta has great technique and shows dedication to resolving issues. She was able to relieve my sciatica in one session.
- MZ

Rebecca Denton reviews:

Rebecca from Intuitive Touch is simply the best! When she first started to work on me several years ago, it was for relaxation and it was wonderful. She's been there for me with all kinds of aches and pains and saw me through a tough battle with cancer. She really must have an intuition for where it hurts and how to make it better. I cannot recommend her highly enough!
- Joyce D. 

Thank God for Rebecca! If not for her, I probably wouldn't be walking today. She only cares about how you feel during & after she works on you. She is beyond her years in knowledge, in which she has many. And, above all of that, she is an amazing soul who makes sure that you leave feeling happy on the outside, as well as the inside. 
- Theresa G. 

Best massage ever! I've been to quite a few different therapists in Michigan, Florida, on a cruise ship and various vacations spots. Rebecca is by far the best! Not your typical 'cookie cutter' massage. She has years of experience and a true 'intuitive touch'. She has done everything from a light, relaxing massage to deep tissue and reflexology for problem areas and energy balancing for me. I love the aroma therapy, too. You will not be disappointed, I promise. Highly recommended.
- Shelly R. 

She is so aware and kind. All the work I've done with Rebecca has been worth it (10 years worth). I would recommend her any time.
- Lisa F. 

Rebecca really and truly is the best! I would recommend her most highly to anyone for anything from a gentle, relaxing massage to pain therapy. She does some amazing stuff!
- Joyce D. 

Rebecca Denton is without question the best. She is the only regret I have in moving to KY because I really could use her magic touch.
- Carolyn K. 

I don't know how many people I saw before I met Rebecca , but no one came close to helping me with the constant pain I was in. She really knows what she is doing, and my quality of life has greatly improved!
- Lisa P. 

Many years of practice and refinement of Rebecca's various skills have made her a master of the art that is massage. Well worth the trip.
- Cole D. 

I knew I was feeling I needed to achieve balance so I asked for energy work. I felt so much better when we were done - mentally and physically. (I have always loved Rebecca's deep tissue massages also.) Although I have given and received energy work through the years, what I didn't anticipate over the next several days was the resolution of a longstanding physical condition. I have already made my next appointment.
- Jennifer N. 

I have had many massages in my adult lifetime and this was by far, the best massage I have ever had.
- Valerie H. 

I appreciate how individualized Rebecca is in finding just the right touch that I need. I have some very definite hot spots and she is careful to gently work those areas to help me feel better!
- Peggy P. 

Best massage ever.
- Anonymous 

There is nothing to dislike. Rebecca has amazing skill and a calm soothing manner. That said she will get to the root of whatever is causing you a problem. She can provide deep tissue or energy balancing with equal skill and intuitiveness. I can't imagine anyone else with the skill that Rebecca possesses and she listens.
- Soozie E. 

Rebecca is a fantastic massage therapist and really helped work the kinks out of my neck. I love massage and have experienced many different therapists. Rebecca is the best! I also appreciate how great I feel after an energy balancing session. She is truly a healer! Of course, I'll be back!
- Sue C. 

Rebecca is truly a therapeutic massage therapist. She can identify your muscular issues and work to alleviate the problem. She is able to identify areas of concern that you didn't know existed until you 'feel' it. This is truly the best massage I have had. If you're looking for a therapeutic massage, she is it. If you are looking for a relaxing day at the spa, she is it. You will not be disappointed.
- Kayleen H. 

Rebecca works magic! I was in a car accident two years ago and couldn't walk. She's done wonders for me and keeps my body aligned!! So thankful for her. (And she tells great jokes!)
- Kim D. 

Rebecca is simply the best. I started seeing her years ago for relaxation and occasional sore muscles and it was wonderful! Then she helped me through a year of intense treatment for cancer. I've seen other massage therapists but there is no comparison. Rebecca truly seems to know intuitively just where it hurts and how to make it feel better. I would recommend her most highly to anyone.
- Anonymous 

My experience with Intuitive Touch and rebecca was, in short, EXCEPTIONAL. Immaculately clean, serene setting, her professionalism, and world-class skill set the bar high. But Rebecca’s healing intuition and personal insights to my needs separate this service from the competition, and made the experience uniquely healing and rejuvenating. The business name is more than appropriate, and I would highly recommend this spa to anyone.
- Jeanette G. 

My experience with Rebecca was amazing! Her personality is very calming and the massage helped me very much. I will be telling my friends about her for sure. Highly recommend her!
- Jannine B. 

Massage / body work is part of our overall self-wellness care...My husband & I have been clients of Rebecca's for a number of years...Her 'tool box' of skills has whatever her amazing intuition knows is best for our bodies...Knowledgeable, kind and caring...
- Maxine K. 

Rebecca is amazing! I experienced the best massage I have ever had!
- Mary F.
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