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Spa Services

Body massage

Indulge in a Hot Stone Massage

In this massage, smooth stones are heated and lubricated with massage oil and used along with the therapist's hands to massage the body. Hot stone massage will induce a deeper relaxation, increase circulation, and ease muscle tension and pain. You'll find the heat very soothing.

Hot Stone Massage Prices
  • 30 minutes - $55.00
  • 1 hour - $75.00
  • 90 minutes - $100.00
  • 2 hours - $125.00

Boost the Immune System and Remove Toxins From the Body With Raindrop Therapy Massage 

Our therapists will apply Young Living oils along the back and feet in order to promote harmony and well-being for the mind, body, spirit, and emotions. 

Eight different pure essential oils, one blended pure essential oil, hot towels, and relaxation massage are utilized to promote wellness on all levels. 

Raindrop Therapy Massage Prices
  • 30 minutes - $55.00
  • 1 hour - $75.00
  • 90 minutes - $100.00
  • 110 minutes - $125.00

Sugar Scrub Massage

A sugar scrub massage is where massage oil and all natural sugar are combined and used in a gentle massage along the body. This technique is believed to exfoliate, tone and soften the skin and help with circulation. Moist, hot towels are used to remove the sugar / oil combination and to provide deep relaxation.

1 hour - $70

Sugar Scrub Massage with Beautifying Facial Massage 

This massage uses an application of sugar and massage oil to massage the body with the intent to tone, soften and exfoliate the skin. It is also believed to help with circulation. Hot towels are used to help relax the muscles and also to remove the oil / sugar mixture. A facial massage that includes gentle cupping and a Kansa wand is used with the intent to reduce wrinkles, tone the skin and beautify. Marjeanne's Creations Simply Supple Skin Serum is applied at the end of the massage as well.

90 minutes - $100

Facial Massage

A facial massage uses small cups, an Ayurvedic Kansa wand, gentle massage of the neck, shoulders and face, and an application of Marjene's Creations Simply Supple Skin Serum made from 100% all natural essential oils. This service is believed to reduce wrinkles, tone the skin, improve circulation, ease sinus pressure and assist in reducing certain skin conditions. Many people find this all natural therapy extremely relaxing.

30 minutes - $50

Ultimate Spa Massage

This massage is the ultimate in pampering. A sugar scrub massage complete with exfoliation and hot towels is performed along with a hot stone massage. A facial massage is given which consists of gentle cupping, massage with a Kansa wand and an application of Marjeanne's Creations Simply Supple Skin Serum. Also, peppermint oil is applied to the scalp and mud / clay and tiger balm is massaged into the upper back. All of this is meant to deeply pamper and relax the client as well as tone, soften the skin and improve circulation. Some techniques are believed to reduce wrinkles as well.

2 hours - $130
Massage therapy
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